Why daisypops...?

How was daisypops born?

daisypops was born when I was co-sleeping and breastfeeding our second baby, Penelope. Wearing just my nursing bra at night, and not wanting to pull up the blankets with the wee one in the bed, my shoulders were always cold. Sometimes I would wear Johnny’s big t-shirts but they were awkward and annoying when Poppy needed to nurse. By awkward and annoying, I’m referring to lifting the shirt up 4 times a night (or more!) to give her access to the breast – it was never ideal. I usually took the shirt off (more like threw the shirt off) because it was easier to deal with cold shoulders than a twisted, dysfunctional, uncomfortable shirt throughout the night! I knew there had to be a better way...

I spent a good amount of time online trying to find something suitable for those night time feeds. I came up with nothing. What I did find were tank tops, sleeveless nightgowns, nursing bras, and button-down jammie tops (seriously...who can fiddle with buttons when your hungry newborn needs to feed in the middle of the night, multiple times?!). At the end of the day, I could not find anything that actually made the breast readily available while keeping Mom warm and comfortable. The journey began...

I became a functional designer and my vision of what Moms needed turned into an actual paper pattern. And then, from my paper pattern, a real prototype was born! I wore the prototype for a few months – making sure it was just right. I sourced fabric and off to production we went...

Thank you for sharing your time with us and if you’ve ordered a sleep shirt, we hope it brings you comfort throughout the night when breastfeeding your little one(s). It is a precious time, not usually easy, and also a time that passes too quickly. In a few years you’ll look back and wonder “where did the time go?” and while you might not miss those sleepless nights, I bet you’ll miss being able nurture and comfort your baby with a breast and some skin-to-skin. As our wee ones grow up, their struggles need more than breasts and skin-to-skin! They just don’t cut it when my Daisy Rae comes home from school asking for friendship advice and math help!! So my friends, enjoy this time when you are able solve your baby’s problems. Spoil your baby with love, pick up your baby as often as you wish, nurture your baby with all the love you have, and snuggle them as much as you both desire. You won’t regret it, I promise.

With love,


The Original Breastfeeding Sleep Shirt

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