Daisy from daisypops

She came at 32 weeks without warning, and it rocked my world.

My tiny 3lb 12oz'er was born 8 weeks premature and it changed me forever. We spent 31 (long) days in the NICU & the outside world pretty much shut down. I could barely summon the energy to return my loving friends text messages. Everything, other than caring for Daisy, was too much for me to cope with.

She came home and my world was bright. Brighter than it had ever been before, and my personal journey as a Momma began. I learned how to care for her without the watchful eyes of handy nurses, and I slowly found my motherly-intuition (it's hard to find that motherly-intuition in the NICU!).

I credit this little angel for giving me the strength I have today. Without my Daisy I would not have grown into the person I am, and I love her - oh how I love her.

I share this with you because daisypops Breastfeeding Apparel would not have been born had Daisy not been born.

Skin-to skin, baby-wearing, cosleeping (safely), breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, soother-sucking, and all that fun stuff, is what daisypops is made of!

For all you Mommas caring for preemies in NICU's, you have all my love & you will make it through a changed & stronger person. Let your baby guide you and listen to your intuition. Momma knows best (that's you!).

With love,


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