About daisypops

Hey there, I'm Rebecca!


Most days you can find me tag-teaming taking care of my daughters, working daisypops, and trying not to burn dinner ;).

I love serving our community by connecting with folks who are in similar stages of life, have had similar life experiences, and I especially love to serve Moms and Dads who are trying to parent differently from how they were raised (ie. parenting without a toolbox).

If you've made it this far and want to know more, here are five fun personal facts:

1. I need to follow an eating plan because I don't have hunger/full cues (ok, well that's not true, I just ignore all the cues. I once ate 11 real-sized donuts at one time).

2. I want to wean my three year old, but am struggling with taking the next steps because I know it's going to be emotionally difficult for her (and me, but mostly her because I want to sleep for more than 3 hours in a row).

**Update!!** Poppy was successfully weaned in August (2018) at no less than 3.5yrs hah! But I did it!!

3. I'm a big country music fan and currently Eric Church and the Zac Brown Band are keeping me satisfied (although Chris Stapleton is getting close!).

4. Growing daisypops is my #1 priority right now. This business is so close to my heart and is way too much fun.

5. Fact: I thought I knew everything about how I was going to parent - then my little one started testing boundaries and I realized I was lost. So lost. My compass was spinning and I didn't know which way was up. I finally found my ground and can confidently say, "I am on my way!". 

Bonus fact! Want to know how daisypops was born, in other words, my story? Click here and check it out on Instagram

Still here! Let's connect - click here to find daisypops on Instagram and Facebook @daisypopsbreastfeeding and soon we'll be staying in touch via email (because I learned from marketing guru, Jenna Kutcher, that only 6% of my social media community sees my posts)! So, soon email connection will be where it's at for us.

Thank you friend for sharing this space with me and hope to see more of you when our email list gets up and running!